Paestum & its flavours

Paestum and cheese factory

Magna Grecia was the territory where the Greeks landed and settled lots of villages.
They were all characterized by the presence of temples dedicated to their main gods. The area of Paestum, so flat and fertile, was therefore protected by Hera, goddess of fertility, who seems to be still active in the development of agriculture (gorgeous artichokes) and buffalo-breeding all over the area. The taste of buffalo mozzarella cheese is a MUST.

The tour will last about 6 hours from the Salerno port; il will be 2 hours longer with departure from the Naples port

The tour:

  • Visit to a buffalo cheese factory
  • Stop and free time for lunch
  • Visit to Paestum

In case of reservation:

  • A written order by e-mail
  • Payments will be charged at the end of your service according to quoted rates.
  • We accept only cash.

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