>This tour shows you all the jewels of the Bay of Naples in just one day: Pompeii, buried by Mount Vesuvius during the eruption of 79 A.D.: a splendid example of a complete roman town; Sorrento, the land of the mermaids, with its historical centre full of typical souvenir shops; Capri, the “Blue Island”, offering the spectacular panorama of its Faraglioni from the Gardens of Augustus.

The tour will last about 10 hours and can also be managed the opposite way

The tour:

  • Visit of Pompeii
  • Stop in Sorrento (or Naples) and free time for lunch or shopping
  • Hydrofoil to Capri
  • Funicular or taxi up to the town and back and visit of the Augustus Gardens
  • Hydrofoil back to Naples (or Sorrento)

In case of reservation:

  • A written order by e-mail
  • Payments will be charged at the end of your service according to quoted rates.
  • We accept only cash.

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