Still life at the foot of Mount Vesuvius

After a long sleep, Vesuvius woke up on the 24th of August of 79AD: The eruption totally erased any kind of life at the foot of the volcano and, for centuries and centuries, even the memory of the buried cities got lost. After 1.700 years most of the cities started reappearing, so that we can increase our knowledge about the Roman culture by visiting, beside Pompeii and Herculaneum, also some smaller villages like Boscoreale, Stabiae and Oplontis

The tour will last about 7 hours and can also be managed backwards.

The tour:

  • Visit to Stabiae
  • Visit to Boscoreale
  • Free time for lunch
  • Visit to Oplontis

In case of reservation:

  • A written order by e-mail
  • Payments will be charged at the end of your service according to quoted rates.
  • We accept only cash.

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