Special excursions through the bay of Naples

Are you looking for something special in the Bay of Naples? Join me on one of my special tours:

Esoteric NaplesNaples upsidedown, and the Phlaegrean Fields mix sacred and profane, myth and history;
Stabiae, Oplonti, Boscoreale perfectly compare daily life and luxury, work and games of the Roman society;
The family tour to the Virtual Museum of Herculaneum will be a real fun for you and your kids.

All the tours can be provided as shore excursions and land excursions in any period of the year.

By clicking on the itineraries list you’ll open a page with a brief description of the corresponding tour; for more information about each spot, please click on my Half day tours

In case of reservation:

  • A written order by e-mail
  • Payments will be charged at the end of your service according to quoted rates.
  • We accept only cash.